Symmetric AC Biased Inductors - When High Power Density Matters!

The magnetic AC-biasing technique presented in this invention significantly improves the maximum energy density achievable, for any given inductor, in any AC application where size matters.

The invention enables you to increase the inductance versus current, LvsI profile, as compared to a non-biased inductor with the same windings and core size. Equivalently, the same LvsI profile of non-biased AC inductors can be achieved using a smaller size AC-biased inductor.

Proof of concept of the technology has been made based on both simulations and validated with empirical measurements on an AC-biased inductor prototype so far achieving up to 30 % higher energy density, providing a 28-45% increase in the LvsI product compared to a state of the art, standard inductor.

The research in AC Bias is a spinoff from the group´s core research in DC bias, which has shown up to 50% reduction in size.


  • All inductors, transformers and power electric converters where size matters,
  • Specific applications may include e.g. mobile, laptop and larger power supplies, solar power converters and industrial drives.

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