Actuator System with Dual Chambers

The present invention provides an actuator system with a lead screw with build in chambers which to the object is to provide a compact lead screw system, that is capable of withstanding high amplitude and high frequency forces with low wear.

The invention is particularly, but not exclusively, advantageous as the magnetic lead screw (MLS) compared to a traditional mechanical lead screw (power screw, ball screw), as there is no physical contact between the force transferring parts, and hence the frictional losses are reduced and wear eliminated. As with ball screws, the MLS is by nature not self-locking, but in contradistinction it has a form of built-in overload protection that prevents it from being permanently damaged in case of exceeding its force/torque capability. Furthermore because no physical connection is present between the rotor/translator, the translator can be fully decoupled from the rotor and the electrical machine driving it, making it possible to operate in harsh environments.

Value propositions of the invention

Therefore the invention is a linear to rotary magnetic gear, a high force/low linear speed movement is converted to a low torque/high rotational speed movement.

The high force density is comparable with hydraulics, and a factor of 10-20 higher than linear machines.

Due to the lack of contact between the force transferring parts it is possible to obtain high efficiencies with a minimum of wear.  Because of the magnetic spring in the MLS it has an build in overload protections which prevents damage if overloaded. The technology allows for compact and cheap integration of pressure chambers for spring or fluid pump functions.

Finally ordinary linear components working in harsh environments could be replaced by the MLS.

Development phase

AAU has matured the technology for more than 11 work-years, five prototypes has been build and tested for as part of research projects with external partners. The basic technology of the MLS is proven, the patented technology has been proven in different prototypes but the right application for a commercial break through is still to be found.


Any applications with linear motion(hydraulics, electro mechanical and pneumatics), because of the high force density and bandwidth. Through a collaborative project with Aalborg University, it is possible to develop tailored MLS actuators for specific applications and design tools, such as:

  • Wave Energy Converters
  • Active Suspension Systems for vehicles
  • Medical or Rehab Applications
  • Pneumatic systems such as manufacturing lines

Granted US patent:
US9835222B2 "Actuator System with Dual Chambers"

AAU Tech ID: 2013-521/10-0347

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