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Open Entrepreneurship er en integreret del af AAU Forskningsinnovation og spiller en central rolle i arbejdet med at markedsføre og omdanne den banebrydende forskning fra Aalborg Universitet til bæredygtige virksomheder.

Gennem årene har Open Entrepreneurship arbejdet med en række forskningsbaserede cases. Nogle af dem er stadig i gang, mens andre er lykkedes med at starte en virksomhed. Nedenfor kan du læse mere om nogle af de mange cases, vi arbejder eller har arbejdet med.

Skulle du have spørgsmål eller interesse i en af vores cases, så tøv ikke med at kontakte os.

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Du er også meget velkommen til at følge med på vores sociale medier, hvor vi poster de seneste nyheder:

Forskningsbaserede Cases


Biogenity has developed a script that will allow for more efficient biomarker discovery by use of big data and advanced biostatistics. The script can make pattern discovery more sufficient and uncover additional biomarkers, thus providing more of the disease etiology to be revealed. This allows better grounds for selecting effective drug targets, hence potentially providing a tool for researchers and pharmaceutical companies to improve the development of pharmaceutical diagnostic tools and treatments options, while reducing costs.

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Compact X-Scissors Device

Compact X-scissors Device (CXD) is a spherical scissors mechanism capable of three rotations, thereby mimicking the behaviour of a spherical joint. The mechanism moves on an imaginary sphere with a constant rotation centre and an arbitrary radius determined by the design parameters. The mechanism is particularly well suited to support anatomical, spherical joints such as the shoulder and the hip, thereby solving a problem that has been haunting the fields of orthotics and exoskeletons for decades.

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RiACT develops robotic automation software for agile production systems. Robotic skills are hardware abstracted task descriptions such as pick, move or place. In the RiFLEX software, skills can be connected and used as building blocks to create robot programs. Users can, thereby, build complex, flexible behavior by connecting skills in behavior trees – like playing with Lego bricks - allowing robots to react, multitask and adapt to changing environments and become reliable, dynamic production resources.

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ParsNord Thermal Comfort

ParsNord Thermal Comfort ApS (PNTC) is a spinout from Aalborg University.
The company invented a new manufacturing method called hybrid printed electronics, which enables mass production and high throughput manufacturing to fabricate cheaper and scalable flexible thermoelectric modules.
These large-area modules can be used in a diverse range of applications such as automobile and household climate control, concentrated solar power plants, large area wasted recovery and even for powering sensors for the internet of things.

For more information, you are welcome to contact the OE Team

3D Knee Laxity

Ligament injuries and joint replacement of the knee is an occurring problem causing pain and reduced function. Although many surgical inventions are succesful, the patients are not always satisfied due to knee instability.
3D Knee Laxity is the first ever technology capable of measuring accurate non-invasive knee laxity in 3D. A technology that will greatly improve diagnostics and preoperative planning, and, thereby, increase patients satisfactory after surgery and ensure that they can remain active, significantly improving their quality of life.

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BioX has created the BioX AAL-Band which is an advanced sensing technology to detect human limb motion. The technology,  based on knowledge of bio-mechanics, robotics, and machine learning, is able to detect arm motion, strength, and gestures accurately and conveniently.
The AAL-Band can be used for many applications, for example: exoskeleton control, general human-machine/robot interface and research and education platform, among others.

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The Music Star

The Music Star is a non-pharmacological intervention aiming to improve mental health. The Music Star is a research-based new health application, consisting of playlists designed by music therapists according to the degree of stimuli. The Music Star has an appealing appearance, it is user-friendly and the varied selection of music is adequate for all adult clinical populations. The music in the app is composed of 12, carefully selected, playlists, divided into colors, which reflect how stimulating the music is.

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Magnetic Lead Screw

The Linear Magnetic Actuator (LMA) is a compact, high force density linear magnetic actuator, consisting of a linear to rotary magnetic gear (MLS) integrated with a servo motor.
The LMA has several benefits compared to the existing linear actuators such as a high efficiency with a minimum of wear, overload protection and is highly hygienic.
The LMA can be used to deliver a linear movement or a damper which converts a linear movement to electric energy.

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